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Income Property Management

The Management Emporium… A Better Way To Manage Your Rental Properties.

TMEI-010TMEI provides full service property management for all types of income property, including:

  • Single Family Homes
  • Apartment Buildings
  • Office / Retail Space
  • Commercial / Industrial Property
  • Shopping Centers

Managing income property can be time-consuming and difficult. Now you don’t have to manage your rental properties yourself. TMEI provides full service property management for all types of income properties…at a price you can afford.

TMEI is there for you throughout the entire process. When there is a vacancy, TMEI inspects the property, handling security deposit refunds and preparing the unit for re-rental, scheduling and supervising cleaning and painting, new carpets and drapes, and any maintenance required to plumbing, electrical, etc. to make the unit ready.

We advertise and show the vacancy to prospective tenants. Applicants are screened for employment and credit standing. We prepare lease/rental agreements, including house rules and any required disclosures.

On rental, we handle all tenant relations throughout the tenancy, collecting security deposits and monthly rents, providing scheduled maintenance services and repairs, as well as providing 24/7 emergency services. In the event of difficulties with a tenant, we process notices to pay or quit, notice to vacate, etc., up to and including attending eviction court (with the eviction attorney). Additionally, we’ll coordinate city, county or lender inspections as required.

We provide complete monthly financial statements and use individual trust accounts for each property. You receive highly personalized service by warm, friendly, and experience licensed property managers.

TMEI Provides Knowledgeable, Superior Vendor Supervision and Oversight

To keep your property neat, clean, attractive and well maintained, we work with a select group of proven independent contractors. Many management companies make extra money by marking up repair bills or by owning their own maintenance and repair crews. We do not profit from maintenance or repairs. From insurance, to landscaping and grounds maintenance, to experienced contractors for maintenance and repair, we retain only vendors that meet our high standards of honesty, quality workmanship and reliable service. We stake our reputation on it!

TMEI Provides Prompt Response to Maintenance Requests & Emergency Service

We utilize state-of-the-art property management computer software to keep on top of your needs, suggesting and scheduling preventative maintenance, and responding to requests and emergencies. Additionally we employ traditional customer services such as a live receptionist, voicemail, email and a live 24/7 emergency answering service. This ensures our availability to attend to your needs as well as your tenants, and assists us in providing rapid, appropriate responses in any given situation.

incomeproperty2We provide professional guidance to you, with advice and direction enabling you to make timely and informed decisions. We work hard to keep up with current laws and insurance requirements to keep you in compliance and out of trouble.

We can provide sale or rental value assessments. Our quality leasing and rental services include credit check and employment verification, rent collection, notice preparation and tenant relations. We will handle collections of delinquent rent, function as facilitators between owners and tenants on disputed issues, and can provide legal advice regarding conflicts with tenants.

TMEI Properties Are Always Attractive, Well-Maintained Properties

So if you have rental property headaches, get relief fast with The Management Emporium. Call us today to discuss the benefits that honest, professional, and caring property management can yield. Property management companies can all look alike on paper, but take a closer look. There is an affordable improvement to your properties’ management available to you. The Management Emporium!