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The Management Emporium… A Better Way to Manage Your Homeowners Association.

homeownersassociationTMEI Provides Accurate, Reliable Budgeting & Accounting Services

A well-managed association requires an effective budget. We prepare an annual budget for the Board of Directors to approve and handle the publication of the required disclosure package to all association members. We then assist the Board in tracking expenses and maintaining the budget within guidelines. We pay all the bills in a timely manner, usually within 15 days, and provide monthly financial statements with copies of all checks written and the invoices paid.

We commission “reserve studies” allowing the Board to set aside appropriate funds to be available for emergencies.

We provide accounting for collections, receivables, and payables and maintain the formal books. We commission yearly audit if required, of all books and insure that all local, state, and federal taxes are paid on time. We provide timely, easy-to-understand financial statements to the Board. Optionally, we prepare and file your annual IRS 1099 forms and/or your association’s annual tax returns.

TMEI Provides Knowledgeable, Superior Vendor Supervision and Oversight

To keep your property neat, clean, attractive and well maintained, we work with a select group of proven independent contractors. Many management companies make extra money by marking up repair bills or by owning their own maintenance and repair crews. We do not. From insurance, to landscaping and grounds maintenance, to licensed contractors for maintenance and repair, we retain only vendors that meet our high standards of honesty, quality workmanship and reliable service. We stake our reputation on it!

homeownersassociation2TMEI Provides Prompt Response to Maintenance Requests & Emergency Service

We utilize state-of-the-art property management computer software to keep on top of your association’s needs, suggesting and scheduling preventative maintenance, and responding to requests and emergencies. Additionally we employ traditional customer services such as a live receptionist, voicemail, email and a live 24/7 emergency answering service. This ensures our availability to attend to your needs and assists us in providing rapid, appropriate responses in any given situation.

Our management team is highly knowledgeable and experienced in providing the services required by homeowners’ associations in today’s complex world.

TMEI Provides Knowledgeable and Skilled Assistance with Management Issues

We provide professional guidance to the volunteer Board of Directors, with advice and direction enabling them to make timely and informed decisions. We work hard to keep up with current laws and insurance requirements to keep you in compliance and out of trouble.

We assist the Board of Directors in managing the association membership. We will supervise the election of the Board, provide announcements of association meetings, and distribute reports of the minutes of these meetings. We will handle collections of delinquent HOA fees, function as facilitators between the Board and members on compliance issues, and can provide legal information to the Board regarding conflicts with homeowners.

TMEI Properties Are Always Attractive, Well-Maintained Properties

So that’s what California’s premier residential properties have in common! The need for The Management Emporium’s superior property management services!

Call us today. We welcome the opportunity to meet with you, your Board, even the entire association membership, to discuss the benefits that honest, professional, and caring property management can yield. Property management companies can all look alike on paper, but take a closer look. There is an affordable improvement to your properties’ management available to your homeowners’ association. The Management Emporium!